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1864年創業以来150年間 日本で最も歴史のあるテキスタイルを中心にしたサプライヤー企業で
海外でも高い評価を得ている素材のクリエーションに取り組んできたテキスタイルデザイナーが2016年秋冬より立ち上げた ブランド



Rito is a brand launched by STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. one of Japan’s largest wholesale companies that has carried its business in the textile field for more than 150 years.

It is directed by a textile designer, Ms.Miyako Shimakawa who has long been creating textiles for many luxury brands.

Her collection takes special care in creating textiles; from spinning yarn, weaving to dyeing, leads to a concern for realistic proportion and a constructed silhouette.

Her clothes combine masculinity and femininity, created under the concept of "Adding an element of mode to luxuriousness exudes from inside" and it accentuates allurement of the garments from the shape with careful attachments of the fresh approaches.