Our aim is to translate the messages and thoughts of daily lives to products,
and contribute to establishing a new lifestyle,
providing solutions, like an Architect.

We strive in reaching this goal with Safety, Trust,
Innovation, and an eye for aesthetic pleasure,
Embodying our outcome in the form of Fashion.

Minimalistic and Functional

With modernism at the core, our sophisticated designs are ideal for
mature customers, who value quality.
Whilst seamlessly becoming a part of one’s daily life,
our designs synonymously merge with one’s values and sensibility,
and ultimately connects individuals to society.
We offer Fashion, that can be updated and rendered.

We further enhance our mission by diminishing the boundaries of
fashion seasons and gender,
and sustainably bringing new life to
fabric waste and leftover clothes. ※

Continuous Structure
The Future of Fashion, cultivated with our unique vision

※)rito structure, organized by STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA aims to balance the social and economic values for a greater sustainable future. For this, STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA has organized the Plus Green Project, which shifts polyester fibers to culture mediums. rito structure is also actively involved in this project.


Founded in 1864, STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA is a Japanese textile trading company, boasting the top share in its industry. In recent years, STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA have organized its domestic and international supply chains and utilized their expertise for high value-added projects and new innovative textile solutions, which has garnered recognition from its high-end clientele. As a long-term supplier for luxury brands, STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA has channeled its global network and knowledge, accounting for the high-quality materials procured from around the globe. This has enabled the production of original yarns, and ultimately providing its high value-added products. With local offices and other representative offices in China(Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong), Korea(Seoul), India(New Delhi), Vietnam(Ho-Chi-Minh City), Thailand(Bangkok), Indonesia(Bandung) and Italy(Prato), STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA is actively expanding overseas.