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  • 2023Spring
  • 077R23S211C

Check Pattern Soutien Collar Coat

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・Supple, wrinkle-resistant material made of fine count wool woven to the highest density possible.

・The collar is detachable and can be worn as a collarless jacket.

Size Guide

サイズ / Size12
着丈 / Length113.5116
肩幅 / Shoulder Width3234
バスト / Bust6769
裾幅 / Hem width8284
袖丈 / Sleeve Length7476
袖口幅 / Sleeve width1717.5


Women model : 172㎝/163cm/154cm Size : 2



BODY:Cotton72% Polyester27% Rayon1% OTHER:Cotton70% Polyester30%
Fabric made in Japan

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