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Organic Cotton Towel 3-Piece set

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First collaboration set of 3 towels by ritostructure and Imabari-Kinsei (Bath towel, Face towel, Wash towel)

Imabari-Kinsei is a leading brand in the towel industry that was launched by Stylem Takisada Osaka Co., Ltd. in 2004 to brand the Imabari production area, and all Imabari-Kinsei towels are produced in the Imabari region. This collaboration towel is made of organic cotton and has a supple texture with soft touch, excellent absorbency and durability.

Size Guide

サイズ / SizeSML
幅 / Width34㎝34㎝60㎝
長さ / Length38㎝85㎝130㎝


Cotton 100%
Fabric made in Japan

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