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  • 2022Fall
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Silk Front Switching Shirt

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・The fabrics are made from cotton broadcloth produced by Albini in Italy. Albini is 100% responsible for its production in the textile industry, and all of its fabrics can be traced back to their origin and meet the Oeko-Tex®standard100 global certification for being free of harmful chemicals.

・A beautiful structured shirt that folds up to fit the two tucks at the front.

Size Guide

サイズ / Size12
着丈 / Length  
肩幅 / Shoulder Width  
バスト / Bust  
裾幅 / Hem width  
袖丈 / Sleeve Length  
袖口幅 / Sleeve width  


Women model : 176㎝ Size : 2



Fabric made in China

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